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Craig, Leigh and Tyler can assist in the management of:

  • Fractures of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow.

  • Joint sprains and muscle strains. e.g. Skiers Thumb, finger dislocations, wrist sprains.

  • Tendon issues. e.g. Trigger finger, de Quervains tenosynovitis and mallet fingers.

  • Nerve issues. e.g. Carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel syndromes.

  • Soft tissue injuries. e.g. Crush or contusions in the fingers and hand.

  • Arthritic issues in the thumb, hands and wrist.

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation.

Hand therapy Christchurch
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Hand therapist Christchurch
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Hand physiotherapy Canterbury
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Treatment for hand injuries NZ
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Craig Hawkyard, hand physiotherapists Canterbury

Treatment may involve...

  • Education and advice on your diagnosis and options on how it can be managed.

  • An exercise program that may involve movement based exercise, strengthening and stretching, coordination and agility exercises.

  • Swelling and scar management techniques.

  • Support and splint provision or casting.

  • Pain relief treatments.

  • Referral for imaging – an x-ray or Ultrasound scan.

  • Referral to or discussion with a specialist about your injury and how they can help.

The Hand Therapists Christchurch hand physiotherapy

The Hand Therapists Christchurch

Specialist Centre @ Eleven
Level 2, 11 Caledonian Road Christchurch 8014

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