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Telehealth is the practice of healthcare, education and consultation through telecommunications technology. 

This may include telephone, text, app-based systems and video conferencing. 

This practice is well recognised internationally and nationally. 

Telehealth Definition

Telehealth Services Full Information

Telehealth Patient Safe Guards

Clinicians working with clients and whānau using telehealth practices must abide by all ethical, professional and legislative requirements. When using telehealth, the clinician should ensure services are consistent with the standards of care delivered in person. This includes standards relating to patient selection; identification; cultural responsiveness; assessment; diagnosis; consent; maintaining the patient’s privacy and confidentiality; updating the patient’s clinical records; communication with other health clinicians involved in the patient’s care; and follow-up. If, because of the limits of technology, we are unable to provide a service to the same standard as an in-person consultation then we must advise the patient of this. In addition, ACC specifically requires the following criteria be met:

  • Clients must consent to the use of Telehealth
  • The service must be provided in alignment with your profession’s regulatory authority
  • Where a regulatory authority does not hold a relevant standard, providers will align to Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand’s best practice guideline or the Medical Council of New Zealand’s standard
  • Telehealth services must also be provided to a client who is residing in New Zealand at the time of the consultation by a provider who is residing in New Zealand at the time of the consultation
  • The service must be provided using a Telehealth technology interface that meets the requirements outlined by the New Zealand Telehealth Resource Centre.
In the case of new patients and creating an ACC45 for a new injury – an ACC Declaration must be verbally agreed to:
  • Do you declare that you have provided true and correct information and you will tell ACC if your situation changes?
  • Do you authorise me as your (name of health profession: GP, physiotherapist, etc) to lodge your claim with ACC?
  • Do you authorise your record to be collected or disclosed to ACC to help determine cover for your claim, determine what you will be entitled to, or for research purposes (like injury prevention, or assessment, and rehabilitation?
ACC expectations are that telehealth services will be via videoconferencing (as opposed to a phone call).

Telehealth ‘Platforms’ (at this point)

Zoom - One-to-one or group video conference platform. Free 40 min open access. Not high security. Easy to use. Software installs onto computer. WhatsApp Currently end-to-end encryption if activated, however, owned by Facebook, no guarantee of security. User data may be harvested.

Setting yourself up for a Teleheath Video Consult

a. You will need to download the telehealth ‘platform’ onto your device. It pays to test it with a friend prior to your telehealth consult. b. It is better to set up on laptop or desktop. If using a phone, prop it up to allow good video and a ‘hands free’ consult. You may need to move yourself or the phone for better detail, so allow space for this. c. Wear a short-sleeved top so both arms are visible from elbow to fingers. d. Consider the environment – is it private and quiet? Is there backlighting which will make it difficult for your therapist to see you? Can you move around/stand up freely so the therapist can assess things readily? e. Consider the device – is it charged? Does it have a built-in camera and microphone? Is it secure? What connection do you have – public Wifi is not advised. f. Have paper and pen ready to record any advice or exercises the therapist may discuss with you.

How does it work?

On making your initial appointment a consent form link will be emailed or text to you. Please follow the link, complete the consent form IN FULL and ‘save’ – this will then upload your details onto our Patient Management System (PMS). This MUST be filled in prior to your appointment. Please ensure you let reception know what your preferred telehealth platform for the consult is – Whatsapp or Zoom. The day prior to your appointment a text will be sent reminding you of your appointment time. Prior to your appointment a link will be sent (if using Zoom) to access the consult with your therapist. At the time of the appointment log in to the Zoom meeting with your therapist or a Whatsapp call will be made by the therapist at the time of your appointment. Please allow for the therapist running a little behind schedule. The consult will consist of an introduction, gathering information on your condition, formulating an action plan and concluding the call. This may take between 10 and 30 minutes duration. Follow up appointments, if required, will be arranged.

Other information

Telehealth is well recognized internationally and nationally, has been researched extensively, and although forced upon us at short notice in terrible circumstances, has been shown to have equivocal outcomes to face to face appointments and is largely a positive experience for the patient and therapist. Our experience, clinical knowledge and skills help us to provide the best service possible but there are obvious limitations to the specificity of the examination, ‘hands on’ treatment and the provision of splinting and other products. Onward referral to your doctor can be made if critical information cannot be obtained via telehealth. The telehealth consult is not recorded and stored by The Hand Therapists but clinical notes are kept as normal on our PMS. Payment – this will still be expected as noted on this site – an invoice will be emailed or posted.

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